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School Information


School History

Munsang College (Hong Kong Island) is a subsidized Christian secondary school founded in 1999, in the vicinity of Lei King Wan and Les Saisons. While both Munsang College in Kowloon established in 1926 and our school are Sponsored by the same Munsang College Education Council, we operate independently. The name of the school originates from the two founders of Munsang College, Mr. Au Chak Mun and Mr. Mok Kong Sang.


School Mission

We adopt 'Light and Life' and 'All for One, One for All' as our school mottos. Our commitment is to offer a holistic education guided by Christian principles whilst nurturing a positive outlook on life, so that our students can be self-motivated, resolute, devoted to making valuable contributions to the community, and prepared for a fruitful life.


Major Concerns of School Development 2019-22

To enhance learning effectiveness through e-learning

To nurture students with positive thinking


Class Structure 2021-22

Level of Classes S.1 S.2 S.3 S.4 S.5 S.6
No. of Classes 4 5 4 5 4 5



Teaching and Learning


S.1-S.3 Curriculum 2021-22

Subjects taught in English English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, History, Geography, Technology Education, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, BAFS & Economics (S.3)
Other Language Spanish (with The Academy of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong)
中文教學 中國語文、中國歷史、生活與社會、普通話、宗教教育(基督教)


S.4 Curriculum 2021-22

Subjects taught in English English Language, Mathematics, Mathematics M2 , Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Information and Communication Technology
Other Language Japanese (with The Academy of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong)
中文教學 中國語文、公民與社會發展、中國歷史、中國文學、視覺藝術


Medium of Instruction

In accordance with fine-tuning the policy of medium of instruction, our School has been using English as the medium of instruction for all academic subjects excluding Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua and Religious Education (Christianity) since 2010-11.

English is used in daily announcements and to disseminate information so as to give students more exposure to English. Small class teaching is adopted for English Language. Students are streamed into five to seven divisions according to their ability in English. Teachers can vary their teaching methods and schedules according to the students’ diverse needs. The English Activity Centre, equipped with extensive learning facilities and resources such as computers, audio-visual equipment, movies, books and magazines, has been set up to enhance effective English learning. It is often used for oral lessons, co-curricular activities, games, informal English communication with teachers and peers and self-access language learning.



Student Development


Student Activities

Students are encouraged to develop their interest and explore their potential through joining different extra-curricular activities, some of which are outsourced to professional instructors and coaches, such as all instrumental classes and various school teams.

A. More than forty ECA activities are offered, including

.Sports Teams like Athletic Team, Badminton Team, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Team, Boys' Football Team, Rope-skipping Team, Swimming Team, Table-tennis Team and Volleyball Team;
.Other School Teams like School Choir, School Orchestra, English Drama Team, English and Chinese Debate Teams, Maths Olympiad Team, English Public Speaking Team, Dance Team, AV Team and Multi-media Team;
.Academic Groups like Master Maths and Astronomy Society;
.Student Association Affiliated Clubs like Chinese History Club, Cubing Club, Excel Community, JA Company, Asian Culture Club, IMSC Music Buddies, Science Club, etc.;
.Interest Groups related to art & crafts, home economics, computer, STEM, board games, etc.;
.Religious Group - Christian Fellowship;
.Uniform Groups like Scouts, Girl Guides (Guide and Ranger Sections), St. John Ambulance Brigade Youth Command;
.Service Groups like Community Youth Club, Social Service Group and Elder Academy.

B. Four Houses - Isaiah, Moses, Samuel and Caleb - are established to further develop students’ sense of belonging. Activities like debate, sports and cheering competitions are organized.

C. Inter-class activities are held to boost class spirit, including the School Picnic, Bulletin Board Design Competitions and various sports competitions.

Students have active participation and outstanding performance in Mathematics, sports, as well as Music and Speech Festival competitions. They also take up different leading roles in the Student Association, House Committees, Prefect Team, Guidance Leaders Team, Library Committee, Careers Ambassadors, Life Ambassadors, English Ambassadors and Joint-school Form Committees.


Life Education

The Life Education curriculum is a six-year course specially designed for nurturing holistic development in students. Conducted by form teachers and professionals in related fields, the curriculum helps to inculcate proper moral and spiritual values, cultivate a positive personal outlook and enhance students’ physical and mental strengths. The provision of widened exposure to various learning experiences and chances to reach out to the community and the world also helps prepare students to be all-round citizens.


School Facilities

All classrooms and special rooms are installed with computers, overhead projectors, visualizers and air-conditioners. There are additional facilities like the English Centre and iMac Computer Room to assist effective teaching and learning.


FirstClass, a popular intranet system in American schools, has been installed as a network for internal communication. Each student is assigned an account through which information can be exchanged more reliably and efficiently. This service is also extended to interested parents.



Teacher Qualifications


學士學位教師比率: 100%

碩士學位教師比率: 71%


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Installation Guideline (Windows):

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School Location

Address: 26 Tai On Street, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong 香港西灣河太安街26號
Tel: 2567 1666 Fax: 2567 1338

東區走廊向東行:一直循東區走廊行走 經過太古城靠右線,駛入西灣河分支。於鯉景灣指示牌左轉,再右轉入鯉景道。循中線右轉太安街,即可到達。