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20th Anniversary


This is the 20th anniversary of our school. Throughout the last two decades, we strive to live up to our school motto ‘Light and Life’, and we make every effort to pass on our legacy.

To mark this wondrous time in our school history, we have the following series of celebration activities:

20th Anniversary Launching Ceremony cum Thanksgiving Service

Date: 8th March 2019 (Fri)
Time: 14:30-15:45
Venue: School Hall

Open Days

Date: 8th March 2019 (Fri)
(Open to invited guests)

Venue:School Campus
Activities:Exhibitions & Game Booths

Date: 9th March 2019 (Sat)
(Open to the public)

Venue:School Campus
Activities:Exhibitions, Game Booths,
Sports Challenges &
Cultural Programmes



20th Anniversary Banquet


Date: 9th March 2019(Sat)
日期: 2019年3月9日(星期六)

Time: 19:00(Reception starts at 18:00)
時間: 六時恭候,七時入席

Venue: King’s Cuisine, 6/F Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
地點: 景逸軒(銅鑼灣告士打道311號皇室堡6樓)

Fee: $500 per head
費用: 每位港幣500元正

Registration and payment 網上登記

Enquiries 查詢: 2567 1666



About the 20th Anniversary Logo


Designed by Gorby Luo (6B)

The logo comprises components about the celebration of our 20th anniversary as well as the meaning behind our school motto ‘Light and Life’ and ‘All for One, One for All’. ‘Life’ is symbolized by the number ‘0’, which is made up of human figures, whereas ‘Light’ is shown by the beams around it. The gathering of human figures in a circle also signifies the sense of unity among us and heightens the spirit of ‘All for One, One for All’. The number ‘2’, which is in the shape of a sailing ship, symbolizes the important leadership role of the four Houses and the tradition of ‘Passing on the Legacy’.


Stay tuned. More details to come on the school webpage soon!